Cuz time is now!

by You Better Run!

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Eurydyka K.
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Eurydyka K. coz silesian hardcore is best hardcore. Favorite track: You Better Run!.
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Recorded at Waiting Room Studio (drums) and Kamil Nosek's studio
(guitar, bass and vocals) in february/march 2014.
Mixed and mastered by Kamil Nosek ( in april 2014.

Artwork by x miglantz.

Blaza Records 2014.


released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


You Better Run! Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

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Track Name: No Pain, No Gain
Who said that crime does not pay?!
No pain, no gain,
No more livin as a lame,
Now it's time for
Change rules of the game!
Track Name: Just Fine Now
There was a time
when i felt so down
my world was tearing apart
and i've got no one on my side
- but these days are gone now
and I feel just fine
I'm strong and self-confident
you just can't imagine how...

feel so alive!
You can't even try!
To put me back in my place bitch!

You can't even try!
To put me in my place bitch!
Track Name: Decision
Once upone a time,
not long ago,
I decided to break rules
and made my own!

That was a good decision!
now I feel unchained again
That was a good decision!
No more grids in my head

Track Name: Moves Not Plans (feat Kuba - Minority, Burning Sky)
Can you tell me what you see,
when u look into a mirror?
do you look with pride,
or do you look with fuckin hate?

Stand strong, clinch your fists
this chance cannot be missed
start it now, don't be late
be a champion, motherfuckin heavy-weight!

Just try to live your life
kill that looser in itself
listen it and remember this fact
make moves not only plans!

Not only plans!
Track Name: One Eye Closed
I'm trully vigiliant even if my
body is fuckin weak
always only one eye closed
and never really asleep!
Track Name: Why Don't You Quit?!
I'm so tired of your untrue stories
it makes me really sick!
poser, scum, regular lame
why don's you quit?!

Buy yourself a gun and aim to your head
pull the fuckin trigger and wait to be dead!

Fuckin' scum...
Track Name: You Better Run!
When you hear the police sirens
barking dogs and warning shots
than be smart and full of power
cuz your life costs too much!

You better run!
Cuz time is now!

Pigs and rats - fuckin' coalition,
they can't stop sniffin' around,
run for be free, don't give a shit,
make quick that last fuckin' lap!
Track Name: D.T.A.
So many years, we were going
hand in hand,
just like 2 brothers
from different mothers,
but those time have passed away
I just can't stand that you failed me!

Trust starts with true and ends with true!
(and ends with true!), and ends with true,
Trust starts with true and ends with true!
(and ends with true!), and ends with fuckin true.

Don't beg me for mercy cuz
I don't know what mercy means!
Don't trust anyone!